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Rockwall County Precinct Chairs for 2024

Stay in the Know

Precinct chair are the fundamental building blocks of the party

Precinct Chairs play a critical role in growing and maintaining our Party. Maintaining strong local representation in the communities across Texas is critical to our present and future Democracy.

Duties and Responsibilities

Organizing their precinct. Mobilize voters and get them to the polls. Bridging the gap between voters and elected officials. Plugging volunteers into county-wide efforts and local campaigns. Organizing and conducting the precinct convention. Encouraging primary voters to attend precinct conventions. Serving on the County Executive Committee.

Become a Precinct Chair

We elect precinct chairs in the primary every two years. Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the Party. You need to be 18 or older. Be a registered voter and you must be residing in your precinct.  You must have voted in the Democratic primary election in the year in which you are elected precinct chair. Precinct chairs can’t be elected officials or candidates for county, state or federal office. Precinct chairs are Party “elected officials.” Your contact information will be posted on the RCDP web site. An important part of being a precinct chair is being accessible and visible as a Democrat in your community.

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