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Texas Senate District 2, Bob Hall v. Texas Teachers

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Bob Hall (Texas Senate District 2, a large chunk of East Texas) is organizing free screenings of The Mind Polluters, which, according to the filmmakers, “exposes the dark realities of the intentional grooming of children into a worldview at odds with the Christian faith, a worldview of rampant sexuality, homosexuality, and transgenderism normalized through the use of pornographic and pedophilic materials”. This is a verbatim quote from the scroll under the trailer.

The film should soon be available for viewing through various platforms. I found an interview of filmmakers Mark and Amber Archer (Fearless Features Films) on the website of “Purple for Parents Indiana” dated 06/03/21. The filmmakers unabashedly

declare that “It’s all about the sexualization of our children through the public education system”. They also ask the Indiana public to contribute $25 so the film can finish production. Among other gems. “The Lord has just called us” and “You guys become a force multiplier for truth, especially when you partner with us.”

That’s where it becomes dangerous. This is not just an isolated group of crackpots. This is the joining of two movements, one obsessed with sex, and one intent on destroying public education and remaking the world in their image. They are tapping into a network of would-be saviors who are intent on destroying public

education and re-allocating funds to Christian schools. No multi-culti for those Crusaders, they firmly believe that America is a Christian nation.

The filmmakers have met with and may possibly feature in their film the likes of Dr. Judith Reisman and Alex Newman. So let’s look at those two. Dr. Reisman passed away in 2021. She was a law professor at Liberty University at times, and a self-professed “expert on Kinsey”. The Southern Poverty Law Center called her a “conspiracy theorist” and a promoter of “sexual pseudoscience”. She actively fought against LGBTQ rights. About the 2003 “Lawrence v. Texas” SCOTUS decision, she wrote that “a duplicitous sexual deviant [Kinsey] was the primary source used by the United States Supreme Court as their ‘science authority’ in Lawrence v. Texas”. It is worth remembering that the majority that decided in favor of Lawrence was made of Justices Kennedy (retired), Stevens (deceased), Souter (retired), Ginsburg (deceased) and Breyer (soon to retire). Sandra O’Connor (retired) concurred. Pause for a moment to reflect about the current makeup of the Supreme Court. About marriage equality, Reisman wrote to SCOTUS “this Court should not permit the institution of marriage to become the latest victim of the Kinseyan model of American society”, and, in the same letter, that mainstream sexology is “an ideology built upon the sexual abuse of infants and children.” She also claimed that a homosexual movement in Germany gave rise to the Nazi Party and the Holocaust. On the plus side, if you want to see it so, she was praised by the John Birch Society.

Alex Newman, apparently a frequent guest on various right-wing networks like FOX, OAN and Breitbart, is the executive director of Public School Exit (, described as (verbatim) “the nation’s premier ministry working to rescue American children from the horrors of government “education”.

The organization exists to facilitate a massive exodus from public schools by raising awareness and knocking down barriers for parents, pastors and children”. The way I see it: this is a backlash from parents feeling guilty about spending too little time with their children and overcompensating. The organizers, though, are not single parents or people working several jobs to make ends meet, although some of the followers of the movement probably are. Since “parenting” became a verb, sources of information and/or guilt have multiplied through various media, including some nefarious sources.

Sending your child to school becomes a source of worry that charlatans are exploiting using sensationalist claims about public schools. The technique those foes of public education is simple, and seems to have worked in another field: by making the teaching of US history suspect and yelling CRT whenever their White sensibilities are offended, they managed to get their advocates on school boards. They hope to further shake America’s faith in public education by conflating age-appropriate sex education with pornography and pedophilia. This is the same technique used to turn Critical Race Theory into a bugaboo. Make it sound as if it is

pervasive in public schools, as if it is meant to indoctrinate children when their minds are receptive to whatever Teacher says, and make it monstrous. I see public education as an incubator for democracy: “E Pluribus Unum” was our motto before some tried to convince us that “In God We Trust” is better. If you are not hopping mad yet, this should help: the filmmakers, in their Indiana interview referenced above, purportedly quote from fellow filmmaker Craig Sawyer, maker of Contraland” and organizer of “Veterans for Child Rescue”, an organization devoted to stop child trafficking. I was unable to verify these are indeed Sawyer’s words, although they are the views of the filmmakers: “HOW THE PEDOPHILES SPEAK TO AND ENGAGE CHILDREN IS THE SAME WAY THAT THE TEACHERS ARE SPEAKING TO AND ENGAGING CHILDREN.” Also, “You’re either for Christ or against, and the schools are definitely against Christ.” I can hear the wall of separation between Church and State crumbling.

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